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How does the ABC Mathseeds program work?

The ABC Mathseeds system of core maths lessons is a sequential program where all students begin at the right level and improve their maths performance as they progress through our curriculum-based continuum.

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Progressive lesson sequence tailored to each student’s ability level

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  • 190 sequential lessons from kindergarten to year 3 ensure students make progress at every single ABC Mathseeds session.
  • 50 big lessons at each year level cover all domains: number, operations, algebra, geometry, measurement and data.
  • Students begin at a level that matches their ability level.
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How does an ABC Mathseeds lesson work?

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  • Lessons begin with child-friendly, step-by-step instruction.
  • Students complete guided practice activities and then move on to independent practice and skill development.
  • Students develop critical thinking and problem solving skills.
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How do students make progress?

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  • Activities are designed to engage students and are created to prevent guessing, as children need to get most questions correct before they can move on.
  • Students are motivated to complete lessons and move forward.
  • They are excited to make progress and to move on to a new map.

What about assessment?

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  • The end–of–map quiz tests students’ knowledge of the previous five lessons. Students have to do well on this quiz to move on to the next map.
  • ABC Mathseeds Driving Tests assess skills in six core areas across each year level. These tests assess student progress, and class reports show student strengths and weaknesses.
  • Use ABC Mathseeds' printable tests to check student growth with domain-specific written tests for all standards.