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How Does ABC Mathseeds Help Teachers?

ABC Mathseeds provides teachers with an academically
rigorous maths program that kids love.

maths program kindergarten year 1 year 2

ABC Mathseeds is designed specifically for the needs of early maths learners, so you know that your students will be engaged, enthusiastic and eager to learn.

  • By using the ABC Mathseeds placement test, you know that every student is working at exactly the right level.
  • Self-paced step–by–step lessons provide students with individualised lessons at their level.
  • More than 98% of teachers using ABC Mathseeds would recommend the program to other teachers (survey of 1,030 teachers).

Explicit instruction

online maths program

Engaging lessons teach skills through systematic and explicit instruction, guided practice and intensive skill development.

  • Step-by-step lessons provide students with child-friendly explanations of key terms, processes and problem solving skills.
  • Lessons have early and sustained focus on number sense and mental computation strategies.
  • Hundreds of activity types build fluency in number facts and operations.
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The intuitive, motivational sequence guides every student along his or her own self-paced learning path.

  • Highly interactive, well-paced lessons use digital manipulatives to model each new skill and strategy.
  • A wide range of instructional formats appeal to different learning styles.
  • An array of motivational elements keeps students learning.
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Aligned to the curriculum

maths program for kindergarten year 1 year 2

Students build deep knowledge of key concepts with challenging lessons.

  • ABC Mathseeds covers maths standards across all domains in years K, 1, 2, and 3.
  • 50 comprehensive lessons per year level include more than 2,500 different interactive learning activities and assessments.
  • Aligned to the Australian Curriculum.
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maths program for kids

Get instant feedback on student growth and achievements with automated assessments and reporting.

  • Embedded online assessments provide ongoing feedback at a student and school level.
  • Paper–based tests for each year level and standard provide additional opportunities for teachers to assess student progress.
  • A comprehensive suite of reports track student growth over time and provide detailed data to teachers and schools.
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