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ABC Mathseeds End‑of‑lesson Skills Quizzes

How does ABC Mathseeds show mastery of new skills?

ABC Mathseeds lessons teach new skills with scaffolded learning and multiple practice activities. Every lesson ends with an End‑of‑lesson Skills Quiz, where students can demonstrate mastery of the lesson content.

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Begin at the Right Level

ABC Mathseeds Placement Test

The ABC Mathseeds Placement Test ensures students are working at the right level.

  • Once at the correct instructional level, students learn new skills in every lesson.
  • The ABC Mathseeds learning continuum includes 200 lessons, Kindergarten through Year 3.
  • Every lesson provides multiple practice activities with engaging interactive manipulatives.

Embedded Assessments for Each Lesson

end of lesson maths quizzes

A short end‑of‑lesson skills quiz ends each lesson.

  • These 10‑question quizzes assess student learning using an engaging format.
  • Targets the specific skills learned in the lesson.
  • Students can attempt each quiz three times to achieve the required 80% pass mark.
  • Provides feedback to students and teachers on mastery of new skills.

Review Skills with Students Who Need Extra Help

targeted resources to review maths skills

Targeted resources for students who need additional practice to achieve mastery.

  • Lessons and quizzes can be attempted multiple times to achieve mastery.
  • Printable ABC Mathseeds Learning Tiles for each lesson are a powerful way to review content.
  • A printable version of each quiz is also available in the Preview Lessons area.