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Created specifically for the needs of early maths learners in years K-3!

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How does ABC Mathseeds cater to
the needs of early maths learners?

Designed to ensure that key concepts are learned in depth, which greatly improves long-term retention.

Fun online maths games and activities

ABC Mathseeds understands that young learners need to be engaged and entertained if they are to stay on task.

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Ignite a love for maths for students in years 3⁠–⁠6
with the NEW Mathseeds Prime!

Mathseeds Prime, our maths program for students in years 3⁠–⁠6, is designed to transform the way they perceive maths, making it more exciting, enjoyable and impactful.

This dynamic and immersive next chapter of ABC Mathseeds, offers resources and features tailored to the needs of older students.

Mathseeds Prime improves maths confidence with easy‑to‑navigate, curriculum‑aligned units, engaging problem‑solving exercises, absorbing teaching videos and insightful 'Fantastic Facts' maths videos.

Students step into a fantastic forest world, where enchanting characters, collectible Seedbobs and highly captivating lessons await.

Perfect for struggling students or those who’ve experienced maths anxiety in the past, Mathseeds Prime is here to help them rediscover the joy of learning and unlock their true potential.

Note: This first release includes Year 4 content only.

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The team behind ABC Mathseeds has been producing high-quality maths resources for more than 25 years in Australia, with a focus on learning outcomes, not just technology.

ABC Mathseeds is a great way for students to reinforce at home
what they have learned in the classroom.

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Students can use ABC Mathseeds at school, from home, and on various devices, making learning possible anywhere.

Students enjoy using ABC Mathseeds, and the program
works well as an in-class reward activity!

NEW ABC Mathseeds school edition now available!

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The ABC Mathseeds school edition is
packed with useful tools and resources!

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