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Teacher Testimonials

"Finally, a math program that is both kid-friendly and academically sound. I've been searching for years and am happy to say that Mathseeds will be used by my kindergarteners daily—they love it and their teacher does too."
Betsy M, Poage Elementary, KY

"My students enjoy the bright graphics and game-based math activities your program provides. They like being able to track their progress independently and are excited to tell me what map they are on. I can tell they are learning while having fun! Thanks for making this valuable tool available for schools."
Cathy B, Garden Hills Elementary School, GA

"My students are very motivated by Mathseeds. They find it fun and interesting while they are learning."
Michelle P, New Hope Elementary, NC

"When first starting my students on Mathseeds, I immediately saw engagement and enthusiasm due to the high level of motivating tools that are on Mathseeds. This program is by far one of the best that we have tried in our classroom, and the level of excitement and willingness to learn and work that comes out of my students really shows how well put together this program really is!"
Lyndsey C, William Henry Middle School, DE

"I love it and my students ask me to do Mathseeds everyday. They say it is ‘cool and the best math games ever.'"
Kimberly H, Mulberry Elementary School, NC

"I LOVED MATHSEEDS!!! Just like Reading Eggs, this is a fun and educational program that is productive. It's a great program. I like that the kids are learning while they think they are playing games. They are challenged, and I can see improvements in my students. Thank you for taking the time to create it and test it."
Mary B, Shell Knob School, Shell Knob, MO

"My kids are only five years old, and they are very engaged with Mathseeds—and that is saying a lot. It pulls them in and keeps them there."
Amy W, Aiken Elementary, Paris, TX

"Students enjoy the program and incentives. They like to share what they have done with each other. It's very engaging—very similar to Reading Eggs, and they love that."
Elizabeth I, Lafayette Elementary, San Francisco, CA

"I'm very happy with what I see. I like that Mathseeds follows the Common Core and that it's very interactive. Kids love when it's their turn on Mathseeds.
Deb F, Northwest Elementary, Lincoln, IL

Mathseeds in the Classroom - Teacher Case Studies

Effingham Unit 40 School District

Effingham Unit 40 School District Teacher Case Study

Fairview Elementary School

Fairview Elementary School Teacher Case Study Download PDF

Lawrence County Schools

Lawrence County Schools Download PDF
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