Fun Maths Apps for Early Learners

Your child can now learn on the go with our range of fun maths learning apps for iPad, iPhone and Android devices! Using all the great features of mobile and tablet devices, these educational apps make learning essential maths and reading skills fun and motivational, with highly interactive touch activities that are ideal for early learners.

For more information about each maths and reading app, click on the icons below.

Eggy Times Tables

Ages 5-10

  • For iPad, iPhone and Android
  • Suitable for ages 5-10
  • 5 highly interactive games

Eggy Numbers

Ages 3+

  • Counting skills
  • Number recognition
  • For iPad and iPhone

Eggy Alphabet

Ages 3+

  • Learn all 26 letters
  • 208 activities
  • Apple and Android devices

Eggy Nursery Rhymes

Ages 3+

  • 10 Nursery Rhymes
  • Includes sing along
  • For the iPad

Eggy Words

Ages 3+

  • Learn 250 sight words
  • Highly animated
  • Apple and Android devices

Reading Eggs Spelling

Ages 6-12

  • 10 Interactive games
  • Develops vocabulary
  • For the iPad

Targeting Maths

Ages 6-11

  • Phonics and comprehension
  • Features voice playback
  • For the iPad

Eggy Phonics

Ages 3+

  • Multisensory phonics games
  • Learn 100 words
  • For the iPad

Eggy Vocabulary

Ages 3+

  • Learn 252 words
  • 7 destinations to explore
  • For iPad and iPhone

Eggy Add to 20

Ages 4–7

  • 6 unique games
  • Develops addition skills
  • For iPad and iPhone

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“My daughter LOVES ABC Mathseeds and is actually excited to be doing maths, which is so amazing to see. I wish there were fun programs like this around when I was a kid.” – Tracey
“Great program!! My child loved the characters and looked forward to his lessons every day. He mastered the concepts quickly and has retained them. Highly, highly recommend to parents of young children.” – Laurine
“I've been using since my kids were in kindergarten. They not only love maths but are doing great as far as meeting or exceeding grade level skills. I would never choose a different maths program!” – Coralie
“We have been subscribers for several years now. Great program, and it makes learning maths so much easier. The supplemental worksheets are great for making sure they really master the material.” – Cami
“My 8‑year‑old was struggling with the maths program we were using, but he loves that ABC Mathseeds feels like a game. We have had a great experience.” – Andrea
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