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Choose a sample lesson below to try out an activity from our award-winning online maths program. Each activity forms one part of an individual maths lesson in ABC Mathseeds.
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Maths Lesson 1 — Part 8

Lesson 1 focuses on teaching children all about the number 1. The Butterflies activity reinforces what has previously been taught in the lesson. Children catch butterflies that have the number 1. Try Lesson 1
sample online maths lesson for kids

Maths Lesson 8 — Part 1

Lesson 8 starts with the familiar Rainbow song that teaches colours. Children can have fun watching the animation and singing along with Ruby. Try Lesson 8
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Maths Lesson 13 — Part 14

Lesson 13 features Waldo and Ruby who teach children to identify bigger and smaller objects. Try Lesson 13
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Maths Lesson 21 — Part 10

Lesson 21 helps children count forwards and backwards to and from 10. The Bears in the Bed song is a cute way to help young children learn the counting sequence from 10 to 1. Try Lesson 21
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Maths Lesson 91 — Part 2

Lesson 91 introduces children to the near doubles strategy when adding. The characters use dominoes to show children how to double a number and then add one or two. Try Lesson 91
free sample maths lesson from the award-winning online learning program

Maths Lesson 100 — Part 12

Lesson 100 The Fill the Ten activity reinforces the ‘bridging to 10’ strategy. It encourages children to complete ten frames in order to answer a simple addition sum. Try Lesson 100